Bad Times at the El Royale

A short movie review for people with short attention spans!
Warning: Spoilers Possible!!

Drew Goddard who is also responsible for The Cabin in the Woods he also wrote and directed this movie.

Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski), Cynthia Erivo (Widows), Jon Hamm (Baby Driver), Nick Offerman (The Founder), Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey), Cailee Spaeny (Pacific Rim: Uprising) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor

Early 1970’s. Four Strangers check in at the El Royale hotel. The hotel is deserted, staffed by a single desk clerk. Some of the new guests’ reasons for being there are less than innocent and some are not who they appear to be.

What I think
We start with a man entering a room, almost like a stage performance, and he proceeds to tear up the carpet, move the furniture, and tear up the floor underneath to hide a suitcase. Once finished he puts everything back together. All furniture back in its place all carpet laid back down. He waits for a visitor and once the visitor arrives the man is shot, his secret forever lost.

Fast forward a few years, you have an FBI agent, a singer, a priest, a bellhop, and a beautiful girl.

This is a movie all about the secrets of strangers. This star studded cast was able to convey a cohesive story told from multiple points of view that was not only interesting but thrilling. There was a bit of a Tarantino feel with the way each story unfolded. It was engaging and fantastic. 

 Every angle of this movie captured an event that keeps the audience focused but second guessing themselves. You may ask yourself which story is the main story but in reality every story told is linked to the other.  The plot isn’t really confusing you just have to wait for that part of the story to catch up. With the way the film progresses and weaves the tales in and out of each other it is a work of art.  

From bank heists, murders, kidnapping, conspiracies, and to top it all off a crazy cult. This flick had everything and delivers a great bit of mystery, action, and drama.

If you like mysteries, multiple story lines, a retro backdrop, and suspense then this movie is very much for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars.
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